Turtle Squad Advanced Rules

This is the Turtle Squad Discord server's advanced rules! Staff are REQUIRED to read through this, so make sure you do that. If you want the simple version, just read the one that is on the discord servers #rules channel. It's simplified there. If I have missed anything here that was on the google document, please tell me ASP! Any grammar errors also tell me I'd like to know so I can fix them. (The better the grammar the easier it is to read) If you are looking for the Website Terms and conditions click here. If you're looking for our Privacy Statement click here. If you are looking for our Disclaimer click here.

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Chapter 1 General Chatting

Section 1 Channels
Section 2 Chatting
Section 3 Pictures
Section 4 Suggestions/Applying/Ban Appeal etc
Section 5 Harasing Others/Being Rude
Section 6 Respecting Others/Staff
Section 7 Website Rules
Section 8 For your information
Section 9 Rule Exceptions

Chapter 2 Ranks Nicknames Profile Pictures

Section 1 Rank Requests
Section 2 Nicknames Policy
Section 3 Inappropriate Profile Pictures/Nicknames
Section 4 Asking for staff/og rank

Chapter 3 Staff Rules

Section 1 Abusing
Section 2 Punishing
Section 3 Being disrespected
Section 4 Required Information you need to know
Section 5 Trolling
Section 6 Staff Rule Exceptions
Chapter 1 General Chatting

We have a lot of channels in our discord server and you need to know some information about them so you can make sure you are posting things in the correct place. Pictures (videos/gifs as well) are ONLY allowed in the #media channel. Please do not post them in other channels. We have this rule to keep other channels not be clustered with photos/media. Please use the #bot-spam channel for bot commands. Please do not use these commands in other channels; it annoys others please be aware of that! If you are going to be rude to another please take it to the #toxic-channel, some people do not like to see arguments/toxicity. For Minecraft related chatting, please use the #mc-chat (You don't have to do this). For music use #bot-spam (or any type of command used with voice channels). The best place to find information about the server is in the #info channel, for information on ranks or really general information just go there and read. The only places nudes/porn are allowed is the #nsfw channel. (Not safe for work) You are ONLY allowed to post that there. Any questions or if you need help refer to the #help channel. Remember we like to keep it family friendly!


We have a lot of rules regarding chatting. Please do NOT use racial slurs in chat. Please do not tell anyone to kill themselves. Bypassing our filter system is against the rules; you are bypassing something we stop you doing for a reason it's against the rules! Please do not call people names. It's rude, and really in general disrespectful to others. DO NOT advertise discord servers in our discord server. We want people to stay here on this discord server, not go to another. (If you wish to partner with the server, you can contact Tc.) When staff are telling you to stop doing something you need to stop! If a staff member tells you to stop doing something you more than likely have broken a rule and they don't want you to get in trouble. Not listening will get you muted INSTANTLY. Don't spam! This is common sense, spamming is very annoying, and can make people leave the discord server. Don't do it!!! Please do not tell a staff member to punish someone for ANY reason. If you want someone to be punished for breaking a rule report it on the website. If you do ask staff to punish someone, then you may be punished with the punishment you them to be punished for. We want you to have fun but please don't be an idiot. You MAY advertise some kind of server on a game. For an example a minecraft server ip. You may share this. Please do not tag someone to just ask them something. You can just ask them in a direct message. This is especially for staff; staff get tagged a lot and they don't need to be tagged for a simple hi. Please make sure that you are chatting in english. We want to make it so everyone can understand you and this is the best way possible. English is our lingua franca after all. Please do not post chain mail in chat. It's just annoying stop it. In chat please do not discuss punishments that are currently in place. It can potentially get you muted.


Pictures are very simple should be basic common sense but I will address them anyway. Do not post any inappropriate/racist/offensive pictures in #media or #nsfw (only channel where pictures are allowed).If you see someone post something inappropriate make a report or contact staff. Pornographic media is only allowed in the #nsfw channel NO WHERE ELSE! Only post media (pictures, videos, gifs, etc.) in the #media channel. This is so other channels are not clustered with pictures. Please do not spam pictures. This goes with the whole spam thing, it's annoying don't do it! Please do not post pictures of other people without their consent.

Suggestions/Applying/Ban Appeal etc.

Suggestions/Applying/Ban Appeal etc. For any information on these, you can visit the pages. Please do not make more than one application/ban appeal at the same time they will both be denied if you do. If you make, a mistake please contact the owner of the server before creating a new ban appeal/staff application. Please make SURE you put the right discord username when prompted. IF you do not add your discord user (with numbers) whatever it is will be INSTANTLY denied. This is because we do not want to hassle with trying to track you down to figure out who made it. If this happens to you and you realize it just ask if it was deleted and make another one. Any other information you wish to know about applications you can contact the owner Tc.

Harassing Others/Staff

This is kind of a logic thing, if you want to not be harassed, don't harass others. Please don't harass other players it's very rude, and we take it very seriously. If you don't realize that you're doing it and the staff see it they will tell you. Harassing staff members are disrespectful and can get you punished for disrespecting staff. Overall just don't do it. If you don't know what this is saying about harassment ask in #help. Harassing others are easily avoidable if you're being nice. It's not hard to be nice. You will feel good if you feel nice.

Respecting Others/Staff

This is just like the last one. If you want to be respected, don't disrespect others. This is here so you won't disrespect others. It's just plain rude to do. Disrespecting staff will get you punished, and disrespecting other players will as well. We want to have a nice and clean discord server. It's not hard to respect people, just be nice and you'll be fine! DO NOT immataite staff members.

Website rules

On the website we have a few simple rules that you need to follow, not many, though. DO NOT make more than one application at the same time. This also goes with ban appeals as well. This is so we do not get crowded with multiple of the same applications. If you made a mistake on a ban appeal or application DO NOT make a new one. Please contact the owner and tell him you made an error. He will give you the right away to make a new one once he deletes it. Do not make any joking ban appeals, suggestions or applications. We don't want to see any of your jokes alright. We take this seriously as we only have 50 mail sends a day. If you do this you can potentially get banned on the website. If you accidently, or didn't realize that you can make multiple and you do, you will either be warned and they will be deleted, or you will be told to make a new one and be told the rule.

For your information

Please note the following information. The Co-Owner and Owner of the discord server are allowed to ban anyone for any reason. If they tell you to stop doing something, stop. Don't ask why, just stop.

Rule Exceptions

We do have exceptions to the rules in certain instances. One of them is with advertising. We have partnered servers channel. You MAY advertise servers that are in the partnered servers channel. Another exception is with inappropriate/pornographic photos, you are only allowed to post that in #nsfw, no where else. Also something I forogt to mention was harassing/ disrespecting people. Don't do it, EVEN if you are joking!

Chapter 2 Ranks Nicknames Profile Pictures
Rank Requests

Believe it or not, but we do have rank request. This is for color ONLY. The name of the rank/role will be the color it is. If you want a colored name, you must be Turtle MVT+ role. You get this role at level 10. If you want a color get to level 10! (Please note staff that you can't change your color of your role sorry). If you meet the requirements to be able to get a color role, you just need to contact a admin+! Simple as that, they will give you the role color you want. You just have to give a specific hex code.

Nicknames Policy (NEW)

(NEW) Our Nickname policy: We now have a policy for nicknames. You may only change your nickname once a week. You're probably asking."Why?". The real only reason is it gets confusing to staff to get your punishment logged, and to see all of your punishments. Also if your muted DO NOT change your nickname. If you do this your punishment will be much worse then it already was.

Inappropriate Profile Pictures/Nicknames

Please do not have an inappropriate profile picture or nickname. The reason for this is that we want to keep it family friendly. Most people do not want to see your inappropriate profile picture or nickname. If we see you with this, we will warn you. If it is your nickname, we will reset your nickname and warn you as well. Please just don't use inappropriate profile pictures or nicknames. It's really not funny, it's really just dumb.

Asking for staff/og rank

Please do not ask for staff or og rank. Make an application (og rank will hopefully be on the website soon.) for a staff application or og rank application on the website. It's just plain annoying when people ask for staff and also makes the chances of you getting accepted much lower. For the og rank, if you want it you have to meet the requirements.

Chapter 3 Staff Rules

DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWER!!! If we find out you are abusing your power you will be demoted instantly. No questions asked. I take abusing very seriously do not do it.


When punishing players please give them a chance. Unless they are actually trying to harm the server, just warn them first in every punishment. If they continue after that warning you may give them a much worse punishment. Don't punish people for no reason! You WILL be warned. If you continue you will be demoted.

Being Disrespected

The big factor with this is: IF IT'S NOT YOU BEING DISRESPECTED DO NOT PUNISH THEM! The punishment is up to the staff member being disrespected. You may think they disrespected another staff member, but the staff member you think is being disrespected may not feel disrespected. This is in place, so we have no false mutes or bans for this.

Required Information you need to know

You MUST read through all of the rules on the Advanced rules page (here). We want you to know when to punish people, and when not to. If you don't read through the rules, you won't know what to punish for and what not to!


Please do not troll members with your powers. We ask you do not do this as it, may be shown as abusing your power. For the person being trolled it's really no fun.

Staff Rule Exceptions

Some exception included with trolling. If you're using a alt account and want to troll you can contact me. With my permission you are allowed to troll then.


Thank you for taking your time to read through the rules. Please note that the rules can change at any time. If there is any edit/added rule/removed rule, you will be notified. Rules updated last 4/25/18 or 25/4/18 When the rules ARE changed, they take one whole day until they are in effect.