Turtle Squad Secret Game

Hello there! You have found the secret game website. This does not have any secret game on it, just you have to find all three keys. These three keys are on other hidden websites. Don't be fooled, they are hidden well, you must find the url to the website. It is very hard, and we have some hints for you. Only one of the three are easy to find. Here are your hints.

Hint 1

this animal is life. (easy) (txt file [Will have .txt after it])

Hint 2

Hmm... I think I have heard of something pretty simalar to this before... (hard) (SUGGEST YOU GET THIS **BEFORE** YOU DO THE THIRD HINT)

Hint 3

This literally has nothing to do with anything of this website or anything, just a word I like. Good luck! (VERY HARD) (html file [Will have .html after it)]
Make sure when you do this you do all of the keys at once!
Key 1

Key 2
Key 3