TcBot Changelog


As I forgot to update this I lost track of what I have been changing. As this is the case, I will be starting where I am right as of now. Beta 2.1 (Not yet released) Releasing soon. Added five commands! Changed permissions for a lot of the commands. It ended up breaking the bot making none of the commands with the permissions needed to not work. - Removed play skip stop a long time ago. - This update would not have been released for a while. There was things that I wanted to work on. Once I got a report of the commands kick, ban, warn etc not working. I wanted to fix this as soon as possible so the commands were working. This was an important thing that needed to be fixed. I decided to just keep 2.1 as it was and fix all of the permissions so they worked, and release it then. The Beta 2.1 version is complete, just not completely tested. Bugs will be fixed soon!


Added mute. Added website command. Added play, skip, stop. (Playing music).


This is the date that the bot was created. Added commands: Ban, info, help, kick, warn, and default invalid command.