Add TcBot to your discord Server!

To add the bot to this discord server use this link Invite Bot. After you use that link, make sure you are logged into discord on your browser. After that you will be able to add the bot to any server when you have the administrator permission. Make sure the bot is added to a server with the administrator permissions or it will not work. Make sure you have a channel named incidents or the moderation commands will not function and work properly. (Moderation commands: ban, kick, and warn.) To figure out the TcBot commands type tc!help. Any glitches/problems with that bot that are found should be reported ASP. We will try to fix them as fast as we can but please give it sometime.

Current Bot Version: Beta 2.0
Next Update: beta 2.1 (Finished, just not released)
Update Working on: Release V1.0